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“Patchwork”, mostra presso la Biblioteca San Giorgio

“Patchwork”, my solo exhibition opening today (48 pics)

My solo exhibition has opened today in the San Giorgio Library (Pistoia, Italy). Finally I can show the artworks I did in the last 2 years (some of them). For me, showing my art is a way to turn over a new leaf and go on.

The setting up is pretty good, in my opinion. The library has  8 large windows for exhibition, and another couple of rooms in the hall. The windows are expecially good to show outwards.

There are a lot of dogs in my last artworks:

I did also an installation specifically for this venue and this exhibition:

The second windows from outside:

The first window with the city-masks and a the large painting “The living city”:

The other windows from outside:

A window with three large paintings. The light is not good at the moment, but I asked to add a couple of lamps:

The library director introduced the exhibition as the last event of the Year of Culture (Pistoia was chosen as Italian Capital of Culture for 2017):

I’m not so good in public speaking, so I just talked briefly to thank the Municipality and the people who helped me and wanted this exhibition.

I used the inside exhibition room for my drawings:

As I said, I did an installation in one of the windows:

This installation, “The daily fairy tale”, has been one of the most appreciated artwork in the show.

And these are the whole group of the artworks.

The crowded city:

We see you:

City goddess:

City mask:

Dancing city:

At the bottom of the abyss:

A powerfull voice:

The letters spitter:



History hunts:

We live here:

History hunts 2:

City of conflicts:

Running away:

Take me away:

City ghosts:

Ordinary chaos:

Running giant:

Different ways:


I can’t believe it!:

Colored fishes:

Big city:

The school of Athens:

Vertical sea:


The naked city:

So it goes:

The living city:

One of the drawings:

I’m going to shoot a video of the exhibition in the next days.